Rosa Dei Venti

“Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the soul: here is the key to everything.”

W. Goethe

With the “ROSA DEI VENTI” program, the ensemble Fiori Musicali Austria draws from the rich musical tradition of southern Italy, which is rooted in various cultures.

From every direction, like the “ROSA DEI VENTI – THE WINDROSE,” violin, cello, and harpsichord melodies blend in an embrace with the intense songs of traditional southern Italian music. At the center are serenades and love songs in Griko, a language that exhibits elements of ancient Greek, Byzantine Greek, and Italian. From Sicily come songs that touch with their rough tenderness and evoke various influences from the Mediterranean region.

The musical eighteenth century of Southern Italy plays a leading role in European baroque tradition. In European music libraries, one can still find instrumental treasures that are almost unknown. Fiori Musicali Austria aims to present this little-known instrumental repertoire of great artistic interest.

Irene Coticchio, Voice, Tambourine

Alenka Brecelj, Baroque Violin, Backing Voice

Carles Muñoz Camarero, Baroque Cello, Backing Voice

Marinka Brecelj, Harpsichord and Direction