Baroque Arabesque

When European Baroque meets oriental music and turns to Sephardic songs, that is the unique sound of “Baroque Arabesque”, the new crossover project of Fiori Musicali Austria.

How would Handel have composed in the morning land, with the special sounds of the instruments, the rhythm and the tonality in his ears? Or how would musicians from the orient have played the early baroque contemporaries Giulio Caccini and Athanasius Kircher? From this point of view many new routes to play baroque music are obvious for the ensemble. With lots of fantasy and freshness the ensemble is dedicated to this task. Pieces played by Georg Friedrich Handel, Giulio Caccini, Athanasius Kircher, further Sephardic songs, traditional Turkish and Arabic melodies and songs.

Özlem Bulut voice, oud Julia Kainz baroque violin Pia Pircher Viola da gamba

Pat Feldner Percussion MarinkaBrecelj harpsichord and direction

Giulio Caccini   Dalla porta d’oriente from: Nuove Musiche e nuova maniera di scriverle, Firenze, 1614