At the heart of our program lies the fascinating world of the Ostinato. The Ostinato, for us, represents much more than just a musical element: it is a source of inspiration, dynamics, and creative development.

Our instruments merge in harmonious synergy to bring the Ostinato to life in all its facets. The constant repetition of motifs creates a hypnotic atmosphere that takes the listener on a journey through nuances of rhythm, pitch, and emotion. We do not perceive the Ostinato as mere repetition, but as a vital element that evolves, modulates, and is reinterpreted in different contexts.

Our performances are distinguished by extraordinary dynamics and musical sensitivity. While we use the Ostinato as a foundation, complex melodies and harmonic structures develop upon it. The connection between tradition and innovation forms the backbone of our performances, focusing on immersing the listener in the sonic world of the Ostinato while also leaving room for creative freedom.